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Socket Enchantment is a crafting system in Ragnarok Online that adds card slots to weapons and gear items, adding more value to weapons and gear. Contents 1 Slotting Items

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With multiple armor slots, you have many ways to protect yourself from harm during battle. The most important slots are Head, Armor, Arms, and Feet to protect you from absolute fatal blows from foes.

Go to Geffen Talk to Barend Ugarte (Equipment Socketing NPC). The NPC will ask you to bring 11 items. 1 item will be converted to [1] slot or 1 slot will be added to a weapon limiting to a 2 slot item. For example: 1x Light Saints Armor [0] (will become slotted). 10x Light Saints […] How to put card slot in Ragnarok Mobile | The Rider's Diary Dec 24, 2018 · Just like what I have discussed on the first part of the guide, you need 10 more items the same with the one you’re adding a slot. 10 pieces + your equipment means 11 Cross Bow in total. If you don’t know where to craft items, read Equipment Craft list in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love How to add a slot [1] to your Footgear, Cape – Ragnarok M

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Swamp Cave - Official ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki A survivor entering the Swamp Cave will notice that the heat is nearly unbearable and the toxic gas will kill you quickly unless you come prepare with Ghillie Chestpiece.png Ghillie Armor and Scuba Tank.png Scuba or a Gas Mask.png Gas Mask … Closed Beta #5: October 20 & 23 - Rune To use your prayer stone, add it to your hotbar and activate it by pressing the number for the slot (1-5). You must have aligned to a god before the stone will work.

Adding a slot for this weapon is very unbalance considering Assassin Cross has enchant deadly poison and soul link. Please be aware that I just made this example for Assassin Cross and not every weapon for every class if you wish to know more or wish for this to be implemented contact your Server's Admin.

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love : How to add extra slot to your weapon?Olá jogadores de Ragnarok Online Mobile! Nesse vídeo demonstro como colocar slot na "armor", mas antes disso, mostro o site em que você pode verificar as ... How do you get card slots on your armours? Ragnarok DS I wanna know how to get card slots to Helmets, Armour, Pants, Boots, and Accessories.Rather a drop from monster. Buy from Weapon shops(when relationship with Weapon shop owner increases, slotted equipment are available) or from Mirage Tower.

Ragnarok Online :: Socket Enchant (Slot Addition) Guide

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Dec 24, 2018 ... Weapon Slot;; Offhand Slot;; Armor Slot. How to put card ... Alright, that's the end of our guide for adding card slot in Ragnarok Mobile. Game on!