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StorageTek SL500 Modular Library System Frequently Asked Questions July 12, 2011 Overview The most scalable rack-mounted solution on the market, Oracle’s StorageTek SL500 modular library system raises the bar on reliability and simplicity. When you need to accommodate growth in a fast-growing business or corporate ORACLE FAQ ORACLE FAQ Frequently Asked Questions For additional resources on Oracle’s StorageTek SL150 modular tape library, please search StorageTek SL150 at Oracle.com. Q: How does the StorageTek SL150 modular tape library scale? A: The StorageTek SL150 scales from 30 to 450 slots and from 1 to 30 tape drives. The base unit supports up to two SERVER GROUP - TSM ADMINISTRATION 4) Then we need to define a server group in any one of the TSM Server’s by using below command. Define servergroup servergroupname 5) Next we need to add members to the server group members are nothing but the TSM Servers which needed to be added to the server Group. Use the below command for the server members. Library Overview - Oracle The SL8500 library uses the dynamic World Wide Name (dWWN) feature. When enabled, dWWN assigns world wide names to the library drive slots rather than the drives themselves. Therefore, when a drive is replaced, it is assigned the same WWN as the drive it replaced, preventing reconfiguration of the network.

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TSM Tape Management, Library Tape Management TSM - Library Tape Management. These links lead to sections in the text below.If your library becomes full, you may need to free up some slots. The trick is to eject older tapes from the libraryIf you need to recall data from physical tape to VTS cache, this can add a considerable overhead. Adding Libraries, Drives and Paths to Tivoli Storage... -… Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center 7.1 new features - Demo - Продолжительность: 14:58 Tricia Jiang 17 180 просмотров.How to check Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Health Status - tsmtutorials.com - Продолжительность: 8:01 Anil K Y Ommi 5 899 просмотров. Storage & Backup Tutorials | Freeing up library slots

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Как использовать ресурс другого TSM-сервера? — Admin —… TSM -- tivoli storage manager? Если да, то могу спросить наш backup team.На TSM-сервере с библиотекой: > UPDATE LIBRARY ... SHARED=YES и определяешь к ней путь (DEFINE PATH) для второго сервера (который будет юзать эту библиотеку). Computers-it. Tivoli Storage Manager TSM commands

information about library slots and check that it is correct. One that is working set the TSM library path online Run an audit library. run show slots and show library in TSM to confirm that the new changes have been picked up. I haven't tried this so YMMV Grant On 20/08/13 05:25, Geoff Gill wrote: [quote]Hello, I posted a question which didn't ...

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tsm:tsm_libr_notsync [wiki] tsm: TSM1> show slots lib3500 PVR slot information for library LB0.1.0.2.If needed you can additionally do an inventory on the physical library (depending on library, directly on the panel or on web interface).